Hot Dynamic Stretch

This practice is done in a heated room (105 + degrees with humidity) to promote increased blood circulation, activation of the lymphatic system and release of toxins. This class will have NO sun salutations but will incorporate dynamic standing and seated shapes to increase flexibility and challenging holds with focused breathing to build strength and balance. Be prepared to sweat! Although this is a strong and challenging practice it is open to all levels.

Gentle Movement & Nidra

This practice is intended to promote the relaxation response. Class begins with breath awareness and gentle movements and ends with a yoga nidra. Yoga nidra or “yogic sleep” is a guided practice that uses props and blankets and encourages a state of deep rest. A very supportive practice that is perfect for stress relief and stress management. Appropriate for all levels.

Warm Flow

A 60 mins practice in a warm (80 degrees) room. This practice is a slow flow that incorporates sun salutations and holding in poses to build strength, endurance and flexibility. There is an emphasis on linking breath to movement and students are encouraged to use modifications and props as needed.  This practice is perfect for the student looking to transition to a heated class.  

Align & Flow


This practice is a slower form of a vinyasa class that is designed for any level of experience.  You will be guided to move from shape to shape at a slower pace while holding postures longer for adjustments and suggestions to align the body for the fullest expression of the pose.   This class offers a wide range of variations, suggestions and modifications making it a practice suitable for all levels from those just starting out to students who have an existing practice.

Yoga Sculpt & Tone

A strengthening total body yoga flow with the use of weights (optional) to sculpt and tone from head to toe!  This class combines powerful yoga flows with serious sculpting motions.  You will leave class feeling stronger, leaner and refreshed for the rest of the day.

Hot Yoga Flow


Done in a heated room (105+ degrees) this strong practice will take you through a focused sequences that will build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  A focus on alignment will enhance the benefits of each posture.  This class incorporates sun salutations throughout to encourage the flow of internal energy.   Class will end with bringing the body down to a place that supports restoring the entire body!  This practice moves at a more consistent pace.  Prior yoga experience is recommended

Ashtanga Based Vinyasa

Ashtanga heated Vinyasa Flow is a structured power yoga class that has a strong focus on coordinating movement with breath. This Present Power sequence is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series and contains sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, seated poses and of course time for a rest. This is a vigorous class but poses can be modified for those newer to yoga.  Done in a warm room (85-95 degrees)

Gently Move & Stretch


A slower more mindful practice can make all the difference.  This practice has a more delicate approach to movement while incorporating shapes that allow for release of tight muscles and stress.  Through a meditative sequence students are guided to travel inward to let go of stored tension.  This class is great for the beginner to the more experienced yogi.  

YIN & Restorative Combo


YIN Yoga. The practice that targets the deep connective tissue of the body consisting of ligaments, fascia and tendons. YIN also removes blocks in the meridians in the body. As a result the body’s internal organs and systems become balanced. Various YIN shapes are held for 5 or more minutes at a time to allow for the fibrous tissue to release. The benefits of a YIN practice are increased circulation, reduced stress, balancing the body systems, improved flexibility, and joint mobility​.

Synergy of Sound with Guided Meditation

Come immerse yourself in the synergy of sacred sound and guided meditation with gongs, crystal and Tibetian bowls, rhythym of drums and more. Connect to your body, mind and spirit in this one hour on every level and safely explore the beauty of your inner self.

Offered the last Sunday of every month at 6 pm

Kids Yoga

Yoga is for any age including our children.  This class allows children to explore yoga shapes, movement, breathing and meditation in a fun, creative and nurturing way.  Children will learn to express themselves openly using self control, balance and focus.  Yoga for children has shown to reduce anxiety, increase self esteem, enhance focus, support creativity, provide a sense of belonging and increased love for self and others.  This class is open to children 5 years to 8 years old. 

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