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Yoga and Strength Training

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

It's all about BALANCE

A message from Amy Bourque

I believe EVERY person should incorporate some form of yoga into their life, I also believe the body needs other kinds of movement, including strength training. Allowing the body to experience a variety of movement helps to create a balanced state of being. You may have heard that statement "If you don't use it, you lose it". Well it's true! When you stop moving, your body becomes stagnant and all sorts of dis-ease can start to occur.

I am passionate about how yoga can help athletes and people with a dedicated fitness routine. Along with teaching in yoga studios, I have taught at many fitness centers, crossfit gyms and worked with various sports teams to helps athletes create balance with yoga. Many times working out and/or engaging in sports activity on a regular basis can lead to tightness, sore muscles, decreased range of motion or injury. This is where yoga can help! This past fall I connected with Conca Sport and Fitness to bring yoga to the members. Classes are designed for all levels as a form of active recovery. The response from the members has been inspiring! Members are reporting feeling an increase in flexibility and better as a whole! If you would like to join a class they are held 3 Saturdays a month at 7:30 am. Contact Conca Sport and Fitness direct to sign up.

Now, yoga is my life and I practice it every single day. I can't image my life without it! BUT, recently I was feeling as though something was lacking from my fitness routine. Although yoga creates flexibility, endurance and strength, I felt like I needed more. So I reached out to Steve Conca of Conca Sport and Fitness to discuss joining some strength classes. I have since incorporated two to three training sessions a week along with my daily yoga practice. I feel stronger and more balanced as a whole. The members are great and the staff is 100% dedicated to helping you on your journey. If you are looking for a place to begin your fitness journey I highly recommend Conca Sport and Fitness.

To learn more about how yoga can help with your strength training click below:

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