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Strengthen Digestive Health
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"I understand what it is like to be a woman who wears many hats. Working full time, running a household, juggling all the things only to leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and depleted. I know the challenges of long days, busy schedules, and finding time to be healthy and stay charged. When I entered my 40's things started to shift in my life and in my body. The effects of all my "doing" was leading me to feel depleted and developing aches, anxiousness, fatigue, bloating and a list of mystery digestive issues. Through a combination of yoga, deep healing and Ayurveda I have developed a system that has literally Transformed me. I now have more regulated energy, less bloating and digestive issues, and a sense of stability with my health.  As a woman I understand that our body's go through many shifts that can lead us feeling like we do not recognize ourselves. BUT! It does not need to feel hopeless and we do not need to accept this is just what happens.  We are amazing humans and can be the best version of ourselves at every life stage!  I love to help people re-discover the best version of themselves with the helping tools of yoga and Ayurveda. A balanced happy healthy life is not meant to be complex or restrictive, it just needs to be in sync with who you are at the present moment."

-Amy Bourque
Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestive Specialist

Practice Specialty: Digestive Issues



  • Strengthen your digestion for balanced energy

  • Reduce gas and bloating

  • Regulate weight

  • Combat stress and anxiety for better digestion

  • Create consistency in your routine

  • Develop an achievable system to nourish overall health, wellness and longevity

  • Women over 40 who experience overloaded leading to stress and anxiety.

  • Women suffering from  digestive issues including bloating, weight gain and fatigue.

  • Woman looking to regain balance, have more energy and incorporate a healthier diet and lifestyle.


Book a Wellness Appointment:

Throughout the course of our work together, I will use Ayurveda to:

  • Establish an easy to follow routine for meals, sleep and managing responsibilities to reduce stress for a more balanced mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Create a healthy diet that best supports your unique constitution to strengthen digestion, reduce gas, bloating and address weight gain.

  • Develop a exercise and self care routine to increase energy, reduce fatigue and improve quality of life.

  • Support you feeling comfortable and confident with yourself leading to more positive relationships with your family, friends and co-workers.


Contact to schedule or for additional questions:


What to expect with a consultation:

  • You will be sent instructions for pre-consultation information to send including pictures of yourself, a series of forms to fill out about you, your history, your habits, current diet, your current routine, and other important information to assess your past and current state.

  • We will schedule an in person or zoom meeting to discuss your information and additional questions. 

  • After the session I will spend time (up to a week) to formulate a plan and then will email you recommendations & a report of findings.  

  • Once your report is ready we will set up a session to review your suggestions.  You will be emailed a copy of your report.

  • A follow up session will be scheduled 1 - 2 weeks after you receive your report and begin to integrate the dietary and lifestyle suggestions.  This follow up will be an important session to address anything that needs to be altered in your program.

  • I will also be available for additional questions as you begin to integrate the suggestions.

The first consultation lasts 60 - 90 minutes and roughly follows this outline:

  • Examination of client and/or photos

  • Analysis of intake forms

  • Interview & Questioning

  • Recommendations

  • Scheduling follow ups


The second session is approximately 30 minutes to review your report and suggestions.

The third session is a follow up which lasts 30 -60 minutes.

Additional sessions are scheduled to monitor and adjust treatment.

Over the course of our sessions together clients typically receive:

  • An Ayurvedic assessment of your conditions & how to monitor them

  • Identification of dietary & lifestyle causes and how to overcome them.

  • A customized plan to support your body and restore balance.


Meet Your Ayurveda Practitioner:

Amy Bourque

Strengthen Digestive Health & Wellbeing


My Expertise: Digestive Issues
Location: West Springfield, Ma
Phone: 413-426-3899

Having balanced and effective digestion is critical for maintaining optimal health, energy, and weight. Feeling at ease and comfortable within your body leads to an overall sense of happiness and well being.

After discovering Ayurveda in 2004, Amy Bourque spent many years learning how to successfully incorporate the foundational principals of Ayurveda into her daily life to achieve optional health. Her formal training of Ayurveda allows her to help others with their nutritional and digestive needs.
Amy is also the founder and owner of Transform at Amy Bourque Yoga where she guides people through healing stress and anxiety with yoga, Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork and other healing practices.

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