Transformational Healing Sessions

We have a variety of healing sessions available to nourish your mind and body.  We also offer 1 on 1 yoga sessions to address specific questions or to help you get started with a new yoga practice! 

Choose from the following:

  • Reiki Infused w/Sound - Session length between 50-60 minutes $60  

  • Reiki 30 minutes - $35        

  • Thai Yoga body work - 60 minutes $60

  • Thai Yoga body work Infused with Reiki & Sound healing -Approximately 60 minutes $60

  • Yoga Privates - 30 minutes $35 OR 60 minutes $60


Call or email Amy to schedule your appointment and receive information on the specific guidelines for sessions.  Cash only for all sessions

413-426-3899 or


Potential Health Benefits of Reiki

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Increases circulation and stimulates lymphatic flow

  • Can either relax or stimulate the nervous system

  • Improves mental clarity and intuition

  • Improves sleep

  • Stimulates faster recover from anesthesia

  • Decreases symptoms related to chemo and radiation

  • Breaks up adhesion's such as scaring

  • Breaks up blockages resulting from physical, spiritual and emotional trauma

  • Re-establishes self esteem and body image

  • Decreases anxiety and depression

  • Provides pain relief

  • Increases the benefits of other treatments

Thai Yoga Body Work Sessions


Thai yoga sessions use stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension and enhance flexibility and range of motion. 

During a session the teacher uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. This allows for deep muscle compression and joint mobilization.  Thai yoga also taps into the subtle energy fields of the body to help remove blockages, deficiencies, and imbalances in the flow of this energy.

Sessions that are infused with sound healing will incorporate the use of crystal and Tibetan bowls as well as tuning forks help stimulate the nerves, improve circulation and help stimulate the body to heal it self.  Sound stimulates the subtle bodies, energy fields and centers  vibrating deep into the human physiology and accessing our sense of balance, space, memory and healing.


Appointments are scheduled by contacting the studio direct:
413-426-3899 or



Have Questions about your practice or just starting out? Not sure if you are doing things correctly? Take the guess work out and schedule a private or semi-private (you and a friend) session!

Practicing yoga can come with all sorts of questions and a need for modification. EveryBODY is different and every person is at a different place with learning and "practicing" yoga. Even the most experienced yogi is forever "practicing" and can benefit from adjustments and suggestions.

A private or semi-private can help to eliminate the questions and confusion. It can also help you to feel relaxed about getting started. Once you learn the foundation and what modifications may benefit you then you can begin to build your practice.

  • Private 60 minutes:  $60

  • Private 30 minutes:  $35

  • Semi-private 60 minutes (2 people):  $50

To schedule a private or semi-private contact the studio direct 
Phone: 413-426-3899   



Schedule a session for your team either at the studio or I will come to you!
Athletes and sports teams can benefits greatly from yoga! Yoga is a form of active recovery and the benefits include increased flexibility, range of motions, focus, endurance, helps to balance the nervous system and so much more. If you coach a team give them the benefits of a yoga practice designed specifically for athletes!
Contact Amy direct for rates and to schedule. 413-426-3899 or


Yoga for your Business and Staff

Help your employees stay healthy and balanced while at work.

Whether you sit at a desk, drive a car, work on a computer or are on your feet all day, periodic yoga throughout the day can help keep the mind and body feeling at ease and in balance. Long periods of sitting, standing and typing can put added stress on the body often resulting in tight muscles, stiff neck and shoulders, brain fog, back pain, mental stress, sensory overload, fatigue, eye strain and joint pain. 
Schedule an office session for staff members:
• Learn about the effects of sitting at a desk, standing and sensory overload can have on the body and the mind. Then learn techniques and chair yoga stretches to help relieve stress and tension.
• Learn yoga that you can do while sitting at a desk, while on lunch breaks, in-between meetings and conference calls, yoga for your hands and feet, stretches while standing at the copier and before and after work.
• Learn breathing techniques to help calm the mind, lift mood and tackle brain fog.

Contact Amy Bourque for additional information, rates and to schedule a session.
413-426-3899 OR