Our Instructors

Amy Bourque

At a young age my imagination, creativity and intuition allowed me to see the world a little different.  During my early teenage years, I began exercising and eating healthy which helped me understand that how you nourish your body is vital to a long-balanced life.  Natural approaches to healing, herbal solutions and Ayurveda trickled into my life in my later 20’s which lead me to find yoga.  My passion for yoga became further ignited when I had my children and has helped me grow stronger mentally, spiritually, and physically.  For me, yoga is a lifelong journey of self-discovery.  My calling to teach and help others has always been a light inside waiting to shine to the world which eventually led me to receive my 200-hour RYT certification.  From there a pursued further training in restorative yoga, power vinyasa yoga, yoga for children, yin yoga, yoga for athletes and meditation.   I went on to receive my 500-hour certification through the Hard and Soft Yoga Institution at Heartsong Yoga with Beryl Bender Birch and Sheila Magalhaes.  I then went on to receive a 15-hour certificate for Mindful Yoga Therapy with Suzanne Manafort.   In addition to yoga I am also a level 2 Reiki practitioner with a goal of become Reiki Master.  I am certified in Thai Yoga Massage which I am continuing to study to achieve an additional 200-hour Thai yoga certification.  I am fascinated by both the physical body and the energetic systems that run through and around us. The journey in this lifetime is a forever learning process and exploration for both teacher and student.  I love to get out into the community and share yoga with as many people as possible.  I encourage every student to allow the connection of the mind and body to form organically and to become a student of their own internal teacher.  My classes emphasize a judgement free space allowing students to focus on their current abilities while exploring the edges of possibilities.   The work is hard but with a systematic approach, a delicate nudge, support and understanding the healing and transformation emerges. 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Lao Tzu

Bobbie Longo

My passion for health and fitness started a few years back. As a single mom, and working full time I slowly began to lose myself and forgot how important it is to take care of myself. I came across Buti Yoga and immediately connected with the practice and what it stood for. Within 6 months I felt completely transformed, and for the first time in my life felt truly confident in my own skin. The practice lit a fire within me, I never knew I had. Soon after, I went and became certified to teach so I could begin lighting the fire in other woman. I have since continued my path and received my 200hr yoga teaching certification to teach vinyasa and hot yoga. My goal in life is to continue my journey, and teach woman to truly love themselves, feel confident, and give them an outlet during their day to join me on the mat, sweat with intention, and leave it all out on the mat.

Yoga Instructor

Tina Simmons

I first discovered yoga as I was searching for ways to deal with my own stress and anxiety. As a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a BA in Psychology I was looking for ways in which people coped that were grounded in science. For me yoga brought a sense of peace and awareness that had previously seemed out of reach, and it was grounded in science. I often say "yoga saved my life" also because it was a constant companion for me as I worked to raise my daughter who is non-verbal with severe Autism. Yoga has helped me stay physically strong and mentally well throughout my journey raising her.  I completed my YTT500  at The Hard and Soft Yoga Institute at Heartsong Yoga Center with Beryl Bender Birch and Sheila Magalhaes. I practice Ashtanga Yoga and love to teach it. My love for the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga Is because it is known as Yoga Chikitsa or yoga therapy.  The sequence provides strength and flexibility to the body and balance in the nervous system. The physicality of the practice is excellent option for athletes but it is easily modified to give a very balanced and accessible practice for all. I currently work full time as an advocate with victim's of crime and am inspired to share the ways in which yoga can help those who have experienced trauma. I completed further study with Suzanne Manafort of Mindful Yoga Center and received a certificate in Mindful Yoga for Trauma.  Personally, I have always been driven to look for ways to help bring wellness into other people's lives. It is my hope that in my teaching people will find strength and ease in their physical bodies and then hopefully more strength and ease in their lives.

Yoga Instructor

Sue Lorow

I have always been passionate about health and fitness.   I was originally drawn to the physical practice of yoga as an added workout.  I quickly embraced the physical benefits of each yoga pose but as I began practicing regularly I soon discovered a powerful and heartfelt practice that develops strength from within.  I became deeply inspired by the intensity of the practice and began exploring the layers beyond the physical aspects of the poses.   As I continued to explore and deepen my own self-discovery, I found greater self-awareness, empowerment, and peace both on and off the mat.    Yoga, for me, is a lifestyle not just a practice.  I received my 200 hour RYT certification through Karma Yoga. I also competed my Reiki Master training through Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I will always be a student and continue to explore, grow and change. My hope is to encourage students to find their edge with strength and ease and provide them with the tools to honor and embrace their own unique journey.  Because of my personal journey on life’s unexpected path, I have become even more passionate about sharing the gifts of this transformative practice with others.

Yoga Instructor

Autumn Briggs

I love health and wellness, I truly believe that taking care of yourself and your body is the most important thing you can do. You only have one body to live in. I believe health and wellness goes beyond the physicality of anything you are doing, and brings you to a deeper place within. My passion for fitness, health and wellness has developed over many years; I fell in love with working out and running during high school, and found yoga after college.  I am a full time registered nurse; I competed in a bikini fitness competition in 2015, got my personal training certification in 2017, and started teaching a spin class in March of 2018 at the same time I joined CrossFit Vehemence in East Longmeadow MA. In September of 2018 I started my 200 hour Baptiste yoga teacher training, and this has been the most incredible life changing experience. When I first fell in love with yoga I felt it was a great addition to my fitness routine to detox and sweat, over the years I later developed a true love for the peace and clarity it brought to my life. I knew after a yoga class I would feel this sense of inner peace and freedom.  I wanted to take this inner peace and inquiry work along with my love for fitness, health and wellness to another level. I wanted to continue to motivate and inspire everyone around me. I knew it was the right time to obtain my yoga teacher training certification. I believe that health and wellness are about finding what you love, taking care of your body and mind and pushing past any limitations you may have set for yourself. I believe we are capable of anything we set our minds to do; we should honor ourselves, and take the lessons learned on our mat off the mat and into our lives.   “life is meaningless…until you realize it is you who gives it meaning.”

Yoga Instructor

Kim Stanton

Kim is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, she completed her 200 – RYT training at Zag Fitness in Suffield, CT, and her 300-hour RYT training at Karma Yoga in West Springfield, MA.  Kim has always had a love for fitness and was drawn to yoga as a way to find balance in a sometimes-unbalanced world.  She believes in the benefits of yoga for all, including athletes and fitness enthusiasts. She discovered that lessons we learn on the mat can be much more meaningful in our daily life off the mat and she enjoys sharing that with her students. Kim has also been a group fitness instructor for many years, she started her career teaching aerobic classes, which included kickboxing and step.  Kim’s teaching focuses on creating a safe and appropriate practice for each person who enters her class, always bringing attention back to the breath while reminding her students of proper alignment and form.  She loves learning and expanding her knowledge in the fitness industry and she is looking forward to sharing that with you!

Yoga Instructor

Liz Benia

I began my yoga journey in 2000 with an Iyengar yoga practice at a local gym.  At first, every pose seemed impossible.  I did not understand the connection between breath and pose; my mind did everything but settle. The personal challenge proved addictive and slowly my practice changed; my breath began to guide my poses and my mindset.  Since that time, I have practiced a variety of styles including Sivananda, Baptiste Hot Yoga, YogaFit, Kripalu, Yin, and Ashtanga.  I am certified through Yoga Alliance as both a teacher (2010) and a teacher trainer (2013).  My personal practice has proven to be a calming factor in my life.  In addition to yoga, I enjoy exercise of all kids and spending time with family. Although yoga is very personal, I continually strive to share the principles with others – your mat, your breath, your yoga.    After all, it’s yoga practice…not yoga perfect! 

Yoga Instructor

Denise Lajeunesse

Join Denise for a Sacred Sound Journey and Guided Meditation

Offered once a month.

Come relax in our healing space while the sacred sound frequencies of Tibetan and crystal bowls, rhythm of the drum, rattle, and gong wash over and through you clearing stuck energy. 

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and inner peace through the transformative power of sound. Connect with your body and spirit, quieting the mind, and immerse yourself in some luscious healing sounds that relax, uplift and rejuvenate.

Denise is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Sound Healer, Guided Mediation Facilitator and Reiki Master Teacher.

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