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Align & Flow

This practice is a slower form of a flow "vinyasa" class that is designed for any level of experience.  You will be guided to move from shape to shape at a slower pace with  use of breath and holding the poses longer.  There is also an emphasis on alignment with how you feel in the pose and suggestions on how you can adjust  to meet your present moment.  This class is a good class to start with if you are just starting out, would like a step up from a gentle practice or you wish to focus on building a stronger foundation to your existing practice.

Yoga Sculpt with Weights

Yoga Sculpt classes incorporate dynamic power conditioning yoga moves, light hand weights, resistant bands, blocks and other props.  Although challenging, this class stays true to yoga with traditional yoga postures, a mindful approach to movement and a focus on breath breath, balance, focus and increasing flexibility.  You will leave class feeling stronger, grounded and refreshed! It is recommended to have some yoga and fitness experience. 

Gently Move & Stretch

A slower more mindful practice can make all the difference.  This practice has a more delicate approach to movement while incorporating shapes that allow for release of tight muscles and stress.  Through a meditative sequence students are guided to travel inward to let go of deeply stored tension.  This class is perfect for the beginner and for any student looking for a more chill experience to tame the stress and tension in the mind and body.

YIN Yoga

This class is designed to cool and calm you! Class begins with some very gentle slow yoga movements, stretching and grounding breath to help you drop down into a cooling yin practice that is the perfect antidote to the yang pace of modern life.  Yin Yoga is grounding, calming and cooling to help help balance yang qualities. 

Yin is a slow & meditative practice targeting the connective tissues (fascia, tendons, cartilage, bones) and meridans (energy channels) with shapes that are held for a length of time.

This class is open to all levels including the beginner!  

Hot Yoga

This practice is done in a heated room (105+ degrees with humidity). It is strong practice that will guide you through a focused sequence that helps to build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  A focus on alignment will enhance the benefits of each posture.  This class incorporates sun salutations throughout to encourage building heat and the internal flow pranic energy.   There may be more advanced shapes, binds, balancing poses and inversions which are optional. Class will end with bringing the body down to a place that supports restoring the entire body!  Prior yoga experience is recommended.  This is not suggested for the beginner student or anyone with existing health issues such as high (or low) blood pressure, sensitivity to heat or any health concerns unless cleared by your doctor.

Power Yoga

Power yoga has a focus on building strength with moving through a sequence of stronger moves and holding poses a bit longer such as crescent lunge, warriors, chair pose, planks and more.  There is also a focus on deeper poses that enhance flexibility.  This is a strong practice that anyone with some yoga experience can explore with the use of modification. 

Class will specify if it will be done in a warm room.

Qigong Infused Yoga

A beautiful practice combining the two ancient healing and spiritual practices of Qigong from China and Yoga from India. Qigong Infused Yoga (TM)
This gentle and delicate but extremely powerful class will help to increase energy, reduce stress, sooth pain and tap into the nervous system to help relieve anxiety and calm the mind. It will also promote deep flexibility and improve balance.
This class welcomes and is accessible to ALL levels!

Sound Healing Meditation

A Sacred Sound Journey and Guided Meditation that occur once a month on a Sunday.
Come immerse yourself in the synergy of sacred sounds and guided meditation with crystal and Tibetan bowls, rhythm of drums, gongs and more.
Give yourself the gift of relaxation and inner peace through the transformative power of sound. Connect with your body and spirit, quieting the mind and explore the beauty of your inner self.
Please wear comfortable clothing. Use a blanket and/or pillow to help you be comfortable.

Warm Yoga Flow

This practice is done in a warm (80 degrees) room. This practice will be a slow flow "vinyasa" that incorporates some sun salutations and holding in poses to build endurance and flexibility. There will also be an emphasis on the breath and students will be encouraged to use modifications and props as needed.
This class is great for someone looking to explore a heated practice without the intensity of a hot class.

Yoga Pilates Fusion

This class will combine yoga postures in a flow like sequence with classic Pilates movements and pulsing to help tone the body and pump the energy from head to toe! Using light hand weights (which are optional).  

Friday Yoga Stretch & Rest

This practice is designed to melt away the stress of the week.  Using a combination of props and gentle movements, students will sink into accessible and relaxing poses. This class will end with a guided yoga Nidra (guided rest meditation) during Savasana.  Come release tension, stretch the body and calm the nervous system!

Offered the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month.

Good for everyone!


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