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New Students, Preparing for Class and finding the right class for you!

  • Online sign up is required in advance to secure your spot in class. No walk ins

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early  to sign the waiver, ask questions and to get settled

  • The studio doors lock promptly at the start of class.

  • Bring a yoga mat, water and dress in comfortable clothing.  If you do not have a mat you may borrow a studio mat your first time.  We also have blocks , straps and bolsters available if needed.

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the practice room and leave all cell phones and personal items in the welcome area to avoid class interruptions.  This is a time to literally unplug.  If you need to have your phone in the practice room for emergency purposes like family then please turn it on silent.

  • When you enter the practice area please be respectful of others who may come early to enjoy quiet space before class begins.

  • If you are taking a hot yoga, warm yoga or more vigorous practice please scroll down to read about how to prepare for class and learn if it is the right practice for you.

  • Most importantly, just relax and enjoy your experience!  We are all here to practice, learn and grow.

Suggested classes for students who are new to yoga or looking for a practice that is slower, has more breakdown of poses, focus on alignment, longer holds and has no heat added to the room.

  • Gently Move & Stretch

  • Qigong Infused Yoga

  • Align & Flow

  • Yin Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Sound Meditation

These practices move at a slower pace and give more instruction and variation of poses during class but are still highly effective forms of yoga.  These practices are great for anyone new or with an existing practice!  

Suggested classes for students that have some yoga experience and have practiced flow/vinyasa style.  These classes move more consistent from pose to pose, have less formal break down of each pose but still offer guidance and suggestions from the instructor.  They are done in either a warm (85 degrees) or hot room (105+ degrees) and can be vigorous at times and include more advanced sequencing and poses which are always optional.  Keep in mind anyone, including new students are welcome to join any class with the use of modifications, props and an open mind!​

  • Warm Flow

  • Warm Flow and Stretch

  • Yoga Sculpt & Tone

  • Warm Power Yoga 

  • Hot Yoga

  • Power Up, Power Down (a combo of a flow class and gentle class)

Hot Yoga, how to prepare and is it the right class for you:

Hot yoga, warm yoga and power classes are great practices to explore but there are some important factors to consider and preparation needed.  It is important to keep in mind that the yoga practice that works for one person may not work for another which is why we offer a variety of classes.  

If you are wanting to try hot yoga you will want to take note of the following preparations:

If you have a serious medical condition or are pregnant high temperatures ​and vigorous practices may effect your condition so please consult with your doctor first.  

To prepare for a hot your will want to do the following:

  • Hydrate not only the day of class but the day before and after class as well.  Hydration is critical in general and even more so when practicing hot yoga.  This means sipping water and/or electrolytes throughout the day opposed to guzzling a class of water randomly throughout your day or before a class. 

  • Although it is said practicing yoga on an empty stomach is best it is also important to keep your blood sugar in check.  If you are used to eating in the morning then have something small 30 - 60 minutes before a morning class.  If you are coming to an evening class and have not eaten since noon it is ok to have a snack an hour before class.  

  • Stress and fatigue have a large impact on how you are feeling mentally and physically.  If you have been under a lot of stress, experiencing anxiety or not sleeping, a hot or vigorous class in some instances will intensify those physical, mental and emotional feelings.  Although yoga is meant to destress, calm and release tension, if the body and mind are not well or your are living overly in the sympathetic nervous system (high stress, fight or flight states) it can react to additional stimulus like heat and vigorous movement.  Always ask yourself what style of class you really need (hot, warm, vigorous or gentle) to balance out your current state.  It may be a hot class or it may be a gentle practice.

  • When practicing any class at the studio always listen to your body.  It is essential to know when to modify, take a child pose, skip a chaturanga, enjoy an early savasana and to really pay attention to how you are feeling.  As we always say, there is no competition when we practice and it is not about pushing yourself, grinding it out, going to the extreme or comparing yourself to the students in the room.  If you are truly engaged in your practice then you will not even notice others in the room.  You just do you!

What Mat To Buy?

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