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Yoga, A slow cooking recipe for transformation

Updated: Feb 26, 2022


The transformation that yoga helps to bring into our lives is meant to unfold organically over time. Just like a slow cooking recipe, transformation takes time to fully marinate and become flavorful. When the process is rushed, it may not have the time it needs to fully simmer and resonate into the deeper layers of our being.

Often times we want the immediate result of transformation just as we want the slow cooked recipe to be done in half the time. We want that tasty dish right now!! We want to be that transformed person in a days time!! But it doesn't work that way. Have you ever tried to rush and grill a sandwich quickly? The result, the outside is burnt and the inside is cold. But if you you set the heat low and slowly cooked it, the outside becomes an even golden brown and the inside becomes warm, melted and fully flavorful.

Many times we rush the process and miss important lessons along the way. We want to jam as many classes, training's, experiences in a short time frame that we think will get us where we want to be. We want to call ourselves that new transformed person right now! This can lead to a clouded experience and missing the message that will help us understand our true purpose in this world. True happiness is embracing every piece of the journey and allowing all of the experiences to develop deep rich flavor in the time needed.

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