"The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step" ~ Lao Tzu

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Guiding people through the journey of Transformation 

At Transform we believe that yoga is the journey within, and that each student navigates at their own pace.  We strive to make sure that every person feels at ease about the practice, knowing that the transformation does not occur overnight and is forever changing.  Our dedicated, highly trained and compassionate teachers are available to assist students with the growth process and encourage various ways to express the practice.  We understand  the transformation process because we are also forever students who are transforming too!

At Transform we offer many styles of yoga to support the lifestyles of a wide audience.  We offer both heated and non-heated classes as well as vigorous and gentle styles.  We also offer a variety of special events, workshops and healing sessions to support you along your journey.

All of our classes emphasize a judgement free environment to help students feel comfortable while learning and exploring the edges of possibilities.   We welcome all ages, levels of experience and ability because we believe yoga is a universal practice for all.  Students are encouraged to discover the practice that is right for them.  The most important thing to remember is to become a student of your own internal teacher.  A student of the universe.

"Transformation literally means going beyond your form" - Wayne Dyer

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"Amazing Studio!!!

The instructors practice is extremely powerful.

So much energy and healing"



"I have a desk job where I’m tied to my computer screen, and best describe myself as a high strung, type A personality. Despite regular strength and cardio training, I found myself getting stiffer and less flexible so, in January of 2021, at age 59, I decided to try yoga at Transform with Amy Bourque. At that point I had only tried yoga once or twice in my entire life. I was immediately impressed with Amy. She’s so knowledgeable and passionate about her craft, compassionate, approachable, and a gifted teacher. I’m equally impressed by her amazing team of instructors and I love the variety of classes Transform offers. Amy and her team produce an environment at Transform that is truly warm and welcoming, non-judgmental, non-competitive and conducive to self-discovery and learning.

I’ve followed Amy’s advice to practice yoga regularly. It was, and is, challenging and downright difficult at times, but practicing yoga at Transform has improved so many aspects of my life, in ways I never expected. Within a few weeks, I noticed my breathing markedly improved (I have Asthma).  Next, it was improved posture and sleep. Then, I noticed I was handling stress better at work, and at home. I am so much calmer, and as a result, my overall mental and emotional well-being have improved. I’ve also made some noticeable gains In my flexibility and balance, and in my ability to “let-go,” so that I can productively work on increasing my flexibility without fighting myself. None of these gains would have been possible without Amy and her team of instructors’ teaching and guidance. I cherish my ability to attend classes and practice yoga at Transform.  I feel fantastic after each class, and I wholeheartedly recommend Transform at Amy Bourque Yoga." 


"A yoga studio is a place where everyone should feel comfortable, supported, and safe. This studio reaches beyond that and encompasses so much more. At Transform, students actually transform within the vessels of mind, body, and soul. If you are looking to begin a yoga practice or develop an existing one, this studio will not only enhance your practice, it may just change how you live and see the world around you. 🙏"

470 Westfield Street
West Springfield, Ma 


Located on the corner of Westfield Street (Rte 20) and Beverly Terrace.  The parking lot entrance is near back of the building.

Please be mindful of parking and park within the lines to assure others can park.  If parking is limited please park on the side street (Beverly Terrace) or in the business parking lot next to the studio after 5 pm.

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Some reminders and our policies:

  • Yoga is a time to unplug and focus on YOU!  We ask that all cell phones be silenced and left in the welcome area or in your car.  We also recommend the same for your watch if it is synced to your phone, texts, emails, and calls.  This helps to prevent distractions for you while you devote time to your practice. Remember, it's about tuning out the outside world and tuning into yourself!! We really want you to have the best most inward experience!

  • Please remember to check the schedule daily to make sure classes are still being held, especially during winter weather.  We will also cancel a class if there is no one signed up by two hours before the start of class.  For heated (warm or hot) classes there must be a minimum of two people signed up so please sign up at least 2 hours before class. If a class is canceled that you signed up for we will send you an email that it has been canceled.  We will also try to post on facebook.

  • When booking classes please sign up through our online system or app.  No walk ins. 

  • If you do need to cancel, the policy is to cancel 2 hours before class so you do not lose that class.  If you cancel less than 2 hours before the start of class you will be charged for that class.  Any refunds are minus the processing fees.  If the studio has to cancel a class or workshop anyone signed up will be either refunded fully or the class with be added back onto the class card they used.

  • There are no extensions on class cards or monthly memberships.  Again, we understand that life has it's occurrences however we need to try to stay consistent with our policy and fair to everyone.

  • Doors are locked promptly at the start of each class.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class (10 mins is even better) so you can check in and get settled.  This also allows for class to start on time.